Fishing on the Ebro river

General information

In northern Spain, in the town of Caspe, Ron and Angelique provide complete packages for fishing on the river Ebro. Whether you want to fish for catfish, carp or pike, they take care of it for you from A to Z. Because there are several accommodations possible to book you can choose to sit close to the water or in the middle of the cozy town Caspe. The only thing you have to worry about is whether you have enough sunscreen. All fishing equipment and feed are arranged on site! If you do not want to drive all the way to Caspe, there is the possibility to catch the plane and rent a car at the airport.

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We offer different accommodations. These accommodations range from quiet to busy city apartments and from decent to luxury accommodations. Everything is possible given your budget and preference!


Arrangement 1

Fishing on catfish and carp near Caspe
6 day fishing (7 nights) for € 745, – p.p.

This package includes:

  • Fishing license
  • Accommodation
  • High-quality fishing material, including end material
  • Guide (all six fishing days)
  • (Rubber) boat
  • Seats, net, mat, weighing equipment
  • Cool box

Arrangement 2

Fishing on catfish, carp, snackable, black bass and baars
6 day fishing with guide (7 nights) for € 945, – p.p.

Three days fishing for catfish and carp from the side near Caspe / Chiprana
Three days of boat fishing on the Ebro on zander, perch, black bass and catfish from a Carolina Skiff

This fully catered package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Seats, net, mat, weighing equipment
  • Fishing license
  • Guide (all six fishing days)
  • High-quality fishing material, including end material
  • Boat, including gasoline
  • Cool box

Arrangement 3

Fishing on carp near Caspe
6 days fishing (7 nights) for € 645, – p.p.

This fully catered package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Fishing license
  • High-quality fishing material, including end material
  • Guide (all six fishing days)
  • Seats, net, mat, weighing equipment
  • Cool box

Arrangement 4

Independent fishing on carp and/or catfish near caspe
6 days fishing  (7 nights) for € 575, – p.p.

This package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Fishing license
  • High-quality fishing material, excluding end material
  • (Rubber) boat, excluding petrol
  • Seats, net, mat, weighing equipment
  • Cool box

This package includes all the materials you need to fish on the Ebro, including end material, lures, shads etc.Our fish supplies are among the best available on the market at the moment.
We are proud of our stuff and treat it as such; that means that everything is regularly maintained and cleaned. If, in spite of the instructions of the guide, extra material is lost, this will be charged afterwards.

Applies to all arrangements;

The prices does not include meals, pellets / bait / feed, flights, transport, Coto costs and based on a minimum of two persons. Normally no groups are merged. If you book for two people, you have the guide for yourself. *

The holiday houses have a fully equipped kitchen with fridge / freezer, and often also a microwave, stove, coffee maker and outdoor BBQ, so all meals can easily be prepared by yourself. But there are also a lot of nice restaurants in Caspe, where you can eat nice and cozy.

If you choose one of our accommodations, then you have this house for yourself. There are no other guests staying in the same house during your holiday. *

The guides have extensive knowledge of the river and know many different fishing spots. Over the past few years they have caught many large fish here in various places. This is also evident from the fact that the World Catfish Classic has won twice. And in 2014 and 2017 also the Concurso Interprovincial del Siluro and Chiprana.

If you also want to get a chance to catch one of the hard fighting carp, discuss this with your guide, he will also bring carp material.


Because we are a small company, we are flexible:

  • You can arrive on any day of the week.
  • You are welcome at any hour of the day.
  • You can stay longer,or shorter fishing.
  • The whole holiday fishing with guide, completely independent fishing, or the first day (s) with guide and then further on.
  • You can give us a shopping list if you arrive on Sunday or late with the products you need or like.
  • There is no standard shopping package.
  • You can arrange your own sleeping place, or have everything taken care of by us.
  • You can bring your own rods from home, or just board your plane with your own clothes.
  • Or do you want something else that is not listed here? Tell us your wishes and we will put together your holiday as you wish.

Fishermen, non-fishing guests, (fishing) children; everyone can experience a super time here in Caspe on the Ebro.

We can not give you “catch guarantee”. Nobody can do that? Fishing is fishing … !!
But the guarantee we give you is that our guides really know what they are doing, that the material is in order and we are 100% committed to letting you catch your fish.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you organize your holiday and answer all your questions.

Terms, conditions and regulations

COTO: The Spanish government and the local fish associations have sought ways to keep the waterfront cleaner and prevent illegal fishing, killing and taking of fish.
From 1 July 2015, the Caspe / Chiprana area is a COTO de PESCA special area for angling.
This means that an additional amount for day tickets or week tickets must be paid in addition to the amount of fishing licenses. This money is used for the additional manpower for the extra checks.
We will unfortunately have to pass on the extra costs to our guests, but that does mean that fishing here will be an even more pleasant experience in a cleaner environment.
The day tickets cost 6 euros per person per day. Weekly tickets are 30 euro per person per week.
Flights are not included. For cheap flights you can check out the Easyjet, Ryanair or Vueling sites.

We advise everyone to rent a car (for example at 123carrent or AutoEurope), or to drive with your own car.

With a car here on the spot you can fully enjoy your fishing experience. It gives you the freedom to go your own way, and when you want to drive to a restaurant or supermarket, and to your fishing spot!

Included or not
Transport to / from the airport is not included. Our packages do not include meals and bait / feed.
The packages include all the fishing equipment you need to fish on the Ebro. Excluding final material, unless stated otherwise.

Our fish supplies are among the best available on the market at the moment. We are proud of our stuff and treat it as such; that is, it is regularly maintained and cleaned.

We all know how hectic it can go and that something could be broken or damaged. The only thing we ask you is to deal with our material, as you would deal with your own fishing gear. Do not make any changes to the material and do not use it to third parties without our permission.
In order to keep this material in good condition, we are compelled to pass on the damage caused by you at the end of the holiday to you against what it would cost to repair or replace the material.

This same rule applies to the accommodation. Any damage will have to be charged to you at the price it costs to replace or repair.

The number of people using the accommodation / material must not exceed the agreed number.

All prices are based on two people in a double room.

Only written (or emailed) cancellations can be processed. The day of receipt is counted as the cancellation date.

Cancellation costs are:
– up to 60 days before departure 30% of the package price
– from 59 to 30 days before departure 50% of the package price
– from 29 to 14 days before departure 80% of the package price
– 100% of the package price from 13 days before the departure date.
This also applies if you are not present at the start of the arrangement without cancellation.

Questions / Reservations

For questions or reservations, please contact us via our e-mail address.