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Have you always wanted to fish on LCA Lake? Then take your chance now! From November 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020 you can fish unlimited on LCA Lake.

Unlimited fishing
an English bailiff
fish up to 23 kg

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Have you always wanted to fish on LCA Lake? Then take your chance now! From November 15, 2019 to March 15, 20120, you can fish unlimited on the LCA Lake with the Winter Ticket. Thanks to the Winterticket you have the freedom to plan your ideal session when it suits you! Book it now!

LCA Lake

A gravel excavation of 5.5 hectares with crystal clear water, surrounded by nature and a beautiful stock of fish up to 23 kg! What else do you want? Thanks to the Winterticket you can now fish extremely cheaply on this beautiful water. With a maximum of 5 fishermen per week, fishing pressure is low and there is room enough for everyone.
LCA Lake is for the fisherman who is not afraid of a challenge and likes to be surrounded by nature! Are you familiar with carp fishing and are you not afraid of a challenge? Then LCA Lake is the place to be!
For the less experienced carp angler, there are also plenty of options. For example, we have an English bailiff who is always present for tips and tricks when needed. He is also ready to assist you.

How can you participate in the winter ticket?

The winter ticket is available in our webshop from November 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020. When purchasing the Ticket, you will receive a card with photo, name and address details that indicate the validity of the fishing period. The pass is personal and not interchangeable! After you have purchased the ticket and are in possession of a pass, you will be invited via Gmail with a link to a general agenda (so you must have a Gmail account). In this agenda you have the option to indicate when you want to go fishing on LCA Lake. Cuttings are determined on arrival of the water, this is done in consultation with the other fishermen who are present at that time. We will also contact you via WhatsApp to finalize the agreements and to keep you informed of important announcements. We expect you to read the LCA Lake terms and conditions and regulations, we also expect you to take into account the fellow fishermen and to treat the fish properly.

LCA Lake Regulations

You are expected to arrive at the water after 11:00 in the morning. This is due to the departure of other guests, who must have left the same day before 10:00. This gives us the opportunity to make things right.
• Cuttings cannot be reserved. The cuttings will take place at 12:00, unless all fishermen agree with each other where they sit. If you arrive after 12:00, the remaining cuttings will be shown to you.
• You can fish on LCA Lake with a maximum of three rods per person.
• The use of a large unhooking mat and a landing net (minimum 42 ″) is mandatory.
• Only one floating sling may be used per fisherman.
• The use of tiger nuts or other types of nuts is prohibited. Crushed (ground) nuts are also not permitted.
• Only particles or sweet tinned corn prepared by us may be used on this water. If you want to buy particles, please contact us for the price per kilo. You can use a maximum of 12 kilos of particles per person per week.
• Boilies and pellets can be used unlimited. Please keep in mind your catches and other fishermen.
• No swimming is allowed on the water.
• The use of braided main line is prohibited. This line is only permitted when using a spod / marker rod.
• The main line must have a minimum pulling force of 18 lbs (8.2 kilograms).
• Use a minimum of hook size four.
• Every fisherman is required to own a carp care kit and to use it after every hooking. Fishermen are also expected to treat the fish if injuries have occurred.
• Leaving fishing rods that are used for fishing is strictly prohibited. So stay close to your rods, or turn them in if you want to walk around for example.
• The use of a rubber rowing boat and / or with an electric motor is permitted. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory.
• Bait boats (radiographic boats) are not allowed.
• The use of a barbecue is permitted, but a campfire is prohibited.
• Glass consumption bottles are forbidden for safety reasons. We recommend that you use cans or plastic bottles.
• Keep your place clean and tidy at all times because of vermin.
• Respect nature and the other anglers around you. Also take noise into account, for example with noisy conversations and / or music.

Terms and Conditions

You will be issued a pass with your photo, name and address details where the validity of the fishing period is indicated.
• The fishing period does not have to be consecutive, but may consist of several separate days / weeks.
• Passes are not interchangeable.
• Fishing period is recorded in a google drive document where everyone has access to make possible schedules. Gmail account is a plus to be able to follow this.
• LCA Lake offers space for 5 people fishing.
• A whatsapp group is created to keep each other informed of important announcements.
• The cardholder may take a non-fisherman who wants to fish with him on request. Price per day 25 euros. Take a non-fisherman 10, – euros per day.
• It is necessary to read the LCA Lake regulations.
• Because not everyone arrives on the same day, the arrival time and site draw that is in the rules are not respected for this winter ticket

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