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LCA The Gom is a new sharpening tool in the LCA Tackle range.
It’s the simplicity that makes The Gom a must have for your tackle box. Watch the mind blowing instruction video on our YouTube channel.

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Hooks can become blunt by bumping and scraping stones and / or other hard objects in the water. The hook point can also be raised considerably after a fish’s drill, it is always wise to check the hook point and sharpen it again after a catch. The Gom is a new innovative way to sharpen your hooks. Thanks to its unique composition, the Gom is easy to use and deploy during fishing. The Gom is made of different sand crystals, making the hook point sharp! Easy to use and not only handy for the carp angler among us but also for the predator anglers!
The Gom is suitable for all types of hooks in different sizes.

How do you use the Gom?

  • You put the hook point in the Gom
  • Then you take the hook back and forth. Thanks to the flexible operation of the Gom, the hook point is surrounded by the sand crystals. These sand crystals ensure that the hook point is ground around.
  • For a refined finish it is possible to pull the hook along the side of the Gom for an even better result!


Do you have a question or do you want suitable advice about the Gom, then that is certainly possible. You can contact us via customer service or contact us by telephone on +31 (0) 624171660 where we can answer your questions directly to answer your questions about The Gom.


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